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"One of the world's good and great, Matt Furey expertly blends the ancient with the new, combining the power of the modern day warrior, the wisdom of the yogi and the compassionate heart of the living master to produce one of the world's most complete systems of mental, physical and spiritual fitness. And his ability to teach it is unsurpassed. If you ever have the chance to learn from Mat Furey, I most heartily recommend you jump at it."

Barefoot Doctor

"When I first came across Matt Furey I was working in an IT job in London that was going no-where. Not only that but my wife had just left me to go back to Australia where we are from.

"I'd always wanted to be an entrepreneur running businesses that I loved but due to heavy poverty and scarcity conditioning by my family, I was always too afraid to make that first step to start one.

"Dr Maltz's program and the constant support from Matt with his newsletters and CDs, gave me the tools that finally unlocked my potential that I always knew was there but was too scared to unleash.

"I've spent years reading all the big names in the motivational world, but it was Matt Furey and Dr Maltz that finally gave me the mental tools I really needed to improve myself.

"In the last 1.5 years I've completely turned my life around. I've conquered my fears repeatedly - first with a skydive, then by Running with the Bulls in Spain and a huge list of other extreme activities. I now rock-climb and snowboard as often as I can (when I'm not trekking around places like the jungles of South America that is). I've definitely found my passion in life... I also quit my job and became an IT consultant giving me the time and money to start my first business.

"And lastly... with my new-found passion and confidence, I no longer am concerned about another woman walking out on me again. Because of my new outlook on life, my options in that area have also improved dramatically."

Matt White
London, UK

"I first read Psycho-Cybernetics years ago. Dr. Maltz was brilliant and so ahead of his time. At the same time we NEED a modern day master to help guys like me to grow and Matt Furey has really brought Maltz's teachings to life for me and taught them in a way that has been easier for me to use. Matt has lived this stuff and has the knowledge and unique perspective to make Psycho-Cybernetics even clearer and, in my opinion, better. My results from how Matt explained things: A new self-image, one that took me from hopelessness and despair when being fired from my former job, to becoming an entrepreneur, best-selling writer and financial success. Matt and Maltz are the perfect combination. The master how got things started and the master who has taken up the mantle and carried on the torch."

Ed Baran
Portland, OR

"I love this stuff. I practice the exercises given in the newsletter and CD's every day and it has changed my life for the better- Maltz was genuis and Matt Furey is adding his own style of giving exact instructions on how to make it even more user-friendly."

Charlie Stoll

When I signed up for your daily inpirations I was in a state of dismay with my sales numbers floundering near zero consistently. Just by receiving your insights and implementing some of your ideas I have more that quadrupled my sales numbers over the past month alone."

Joe Schramer

"Matt, even with 30 years of training in traditional eastern meditation and yoga I was missing a critical piece of the puzzle. My entire life I have practiced exercises for clarity, focus, and relaxation but it never took me anywhere. I deliberated daily on the life I wanted to create but I never got any closer to living that life until I started doing what you teach. Now I realize that I was living life with my finger on the Pause button. You made it so easy, all I had to do is let go and get moving.

"Your meditations reach deep inside and unlock a bounty of confidence, inspiration, and enthusiasm. To be stirred to action by an intense positive and creative flow is the best way I can describe your teachings. Thank you,"

Jerome Short
Land o' Lakes, FL
Jerome Short

"These daily emails are really great... very motivating and he reminds us that we can do things in just a few minutes or even seconds... makes it doable. Excellent."

Joanne Masters

I would like to thank you for providing Psycho-Cybernetics Zero Resistance Living course. A while ago I order the course only to put it on the shelf after trying it for a few weeks and let it gather dust. Then your newsletters started to appear with more of an emphasis on the course and tips. I asked myself why didn't I finish. Well I had a mental belief that I never finish self-improvement course I order. No matter how hard I tried to do the course with will power it would end up on the shelf just like all the rest. Well I started changing that belief by going into my theater and seeing myself consistently doing the course. After doing this for a while it has almost become an automatic response like walking to study the course. I have started to visualize myself in all aspects of my life for about 15 mins in the morning when I wake up and and 15 mins before going to bed. To my surprise results are coming rather faster than ever expected. Once I hold a vision and make it clear and focused it becomes a habit. I find myself doing things automatically that I normally wouldn't do after the will power wore off."

Brian Alcorn

First of all THANK YOU! Thank you for making this information available. I have purchased the book, the cybernetics course as well as the magnetic millionaire course. They are all awesome! Case in point, we beat our best month in gross revenue by 30% last month. We were averaging $20K per month and we jumped to $30K. I am very thankful for that. There are many school owners who would kill to be at $30K!

"Oh and by the way, that is by being a little bit of a flunky. Although I have read the book and had the course for a while, I have only gotten through 3 weeks of it. Imagine where I will be after 12. Thanks again.

"Wishing you continued success! Keep it up!"

Dan Stryker
Stryker Martial Arts


"I love this psycho cybernetics stuff. I am having more fun in life, getting more done. I am even becoming efficient: I realized yesterday that'lI daydream all day" is nothing but a self-image idea. I cancelled it and have been remarkably efficient so far. It is a whole new self and I like it."

Esther Cook

"Psycho-Cybernetics changed my destiny. From a small farmhouse nearly 2 miles from a major road in Chuckatuck, VA to a successful career as an author, consultant, lecturer to organizations like NASA, Disney, AT&T. Dr. Malltz's suggestions gave me the confidence to bring out my talents and go for my dreams."

Lee Milteer
Author, Success Is An Inside Job

"Before the mind can work efficiently, we must develop our perception of the outcomes we expect to reach. Maxwell Maltz calls this Psycho-Cybernetics; when the mind has a defined target it can focus and direct and refocus and redirect until it reaches its intended goal."

Tony Robbins
Author, Personal Power
(From Tony Robbins' bestselling book Unlimited Power)

"It's fun to be fit, eat right and to discipline yourself to do these things. Do them for 30 days, says Dr. Maltz - author of Psycho-Cybernetics- and they become a habit that is harder NOT to do on the 31st day than it is to do!"

Mark Victor Hansen
Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul
(From Mark Victor Hansen's book Dare To Win)

"The 7-Inch Playing Field: Whether it's in sales, sports, school or life - the 'game' is won or lost on a 7 inch playing field - right between the ears! I've coached athletes, salespeople, executives and students using Dr. Maltz' Mental Training Techniques and it never ceases to amaze me how, when properly applied, mind power can transform failure to success."

Matt Oechsli
The Oechsli Institute

"Psycho-Cybernetics made all the difference for me. I went from free-agent to the Super Bowl with it. I use the ideas today, everyday. Maxwell Maltz literally transformed my life."

Jim Clack
All-Star Offensive Lineman, Pittsburgh Steelers, including two Super Bowl years.
Businessman and Corporate Sales Trainer.

"I am a 92 year old minister of the Gospel. The Bible SHOUTS on the value of the Self-Image. I have been able to change many things about myself by working on my self-image. A few years ago I thought about getting a face-life, but it is coming to me through Psycho-Cybernetics instead. I'm losing my wrinkles without surgery! Most people take me to be around 70 years old instead of my real age of 92."

Rev. Charles DeVore
Deland, Florida

"I recently returned from a 4-day relaxation weekend in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. I took with me the new Psycho-Cybernetics program. I have been a student of Psycho-Cybernetics for a little more than a year. I started with a book, have listened to the Audio Renaissance series so many times I could probably repeat it verbatim, now the Foundation's Zero Resistance Living program....you have really given me a "blueprint for success" using Dr. Maltz' techniques. Since returning from my trip, I have made additional "cue cards", started using "triggers" ... thank you! The benefits are visible in my business and my personal life."

B Shawn Warren
M. Warren & Co., Recognition Resources

"Having completed the 12 week plan, I thought I'd send you a report of some results. In about 15 weeks of working with your Zero Resistance Living program, I have lost 11 pounds and am sticking with modifications to my eating habits for the first time in years - I usually start and give up on a diet in a matter of days. At the office, I have taken action on a long-lingering staff problem over which I had been procrastinating for months, re-invigorated myself and the remaining staff members, and have seen an almost immediate increase in patients' referrals. In fact, the visible, even measureable results are occurring so quickly it is difficult to believe. I recognize that I have pretty much just been going through the motions for at least several years, and just changing my 'picture' of the practice is creating many other tangible changes. Finally, I've started experimenting with using several of the Psycho-Cybernetics Techniques on my golf game, and I've already realized how much tension I was lugging around the course with me, and last week enjoyed the afternoon more than I have for a while, and lowered my score by several strokes. It's a start. Another doctor in our foursome said I looked too relaxed; that golf was supposed to be played with a lot of teeth knashing and cussing!"

R. Newman, D.D.S.

"Maxwell Maltz and Matt Furey are a Dynamic Duo! Zero Resistance Living w/ Psycho Cybernetics is fantastic! If you're a winner it will even make you more successful! Thanks Matt."

Pete Lillo

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