One of the topics I covered was the making of mistakes, how no one is perfect, how you can see big time mistakes being made at the highest levels – including the professional.I was on a roll covering the 4 Cardinal Rules of Getting Into a State of Flow. The first of them being, Forgive Yourself – you’re only human.

The time flew by and then…at the end of the call, when I’m almost ready to say “good night” – I realized something stunning. I forgot to hit the record button. Ugh.

Almost immediately, and I’m talking it only took a matter of seconds, I went from “ugh” to “okay, why is this a good thing?”

And the answer that came forth was, “You can do better. Do the same teleseminar all over again, but make this time better than the first.”

So that’s what I’m prepared to do. I’m currently figuring out a date and time. It’ll most likely be next Wednesday, April 16, at 9 PM EST.

In the interim, the same “rules” apply. You can attend for no charge whatsoever if you’re a current coaching client OR you’ve recently purchased a copy of Maxwell Maltz’ Theatre of the Mind.

The value of the See Yourself at Your Best teleseminar is easily worth the same amount as the new program, but you get to attend at no charge as an unannounced bonus for being a great customer or client.

Yes, I realize that some of you bought a 30-minute Theatre of the Mind DVD over a year ago – and as I’ve said numerous times, it is NOT the same program as the 9+ hours you get with the  Maxwell Maltz’ Theatre of the Mind program.

The NEW program is changing lives in a HUGE way. Climb aboard and be the next person to experience the benefits.


Matt Furey

P.S. I have a few openings available this month for Neg Busters Coaching, which is quickly becoming the most powerful and productive way to rid yourself of negativity and turn yourself into the passionate and prosperous person you’ve always wanted to be.