Here tis: The event is free to all my coaching members, as well as everyone who purchased my all new CD program, Maxwell Maltz’ Theatre of the Mind.It is NOT for people who did NOT purchase the program listed above. Why? Because the phone lines are going to be FLOODED as is. There’s only so many people I can let on without complications.In fact, there are so many people who want on this teleseminar tonight that even if you’ve gotten the program already and want on – PLEASE email me and tell me you “DEFINITELY WANT ON.”If you don’t tell me that you definitely want on, I’ll assume you’re leaving a spot open for someone else.

This teleseminar is going to be a CLASSIC.

And it’s going to answer a question that no one seems to be asking:

“Why does history repeat itself?”

No, I’m not going to be talking about political history – although it most certainly does repeat itself. Even so, I’m going to be talking about YOUR PERSONAL HISTORY. Or, the history of those you know personally, care for and love.

Why does the man/woman who’s married to an alcoholic abuser get divorced and marry the same type of person?

Why do some coaches who take teams to the championship games seem to have the WORST LUCK imaginable at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME. over and over again? Why do other coaches always seem to find a LUCKY way to win when they’re in the same championship games?

Why do people who lose weight gain it all back, and then some?

Why do people who are getting results following a certain method, stop using the method that was helping them?

Why are some people accident prone and injury prone while others never get so much as a hang nail?

Why do injuries on sports teams sometimes spread like the bubonic plague?

Why do people who feel used and taken advantage of keep attracting the same sort of people into their lives?

Again, WHY does history REPEAT ITSELF?

You’ll get my unadulterated, unabridged, uncensored and politically incorrect answers TONIGHT at 9 PM EST.

Looking forward to it in a big way.

If you’re a coaching client or already purchased Maxwell Maltz’ Theatre of the Mind, then just email me and I’ll get you my password so you can attend.

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Matt Furey